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Property disputes

Disputes over one's home can be unsettling. We recognise that, and will help you resolve them effectively - without going to court if possible.

What we do

We give advice and help to resolve disputes over land and buildings and their use.


Boundary disputes. Overhanging trees. Encroachment (using part of your land as if it were their own). Noise and other unneighbourly conduct. Building extensions.

Landlords and tenants

Lease and tenancy agreements can be difficult to understand. What are your rights if a tenant causes damage, or your landlord does not provide services, for example?

If you live in a leasehold house or flat you may have rights to buy your freehold or a longer lease, or to take over management.

Restrictive covenants

You or a neighbour may be restricted in how land can be used. You may need to enforce those restrictions against a neighbour, or apply to have your own restrictions removed or modified.


Rights - such as rights of way, rights to drain, rights of light - are a frequent cause of argument. Do the rights exist? Are they being correctly used? Where a right is shared, like a shared drive, it may be obstructed, or a neighbour may not pay for maintenance.

Co-ownership and cohabitation

What rights do joint owners have, or those who live together in the same property?

Buying and selling

If something goes wrong when you are buying or selling a home you will need urgent advice as each day's delay can be expensive.

Why Cripps Harries Hall?

With 17 lawyers we have one of the largest property dispute resolution teams in the UK, with specialists in all relevant areas of law. We are very proud to have our expertise and our commitment to our clients independently recognised by being ranked No. 1 for property dispute resolution in the South East of England.

We understand the need to resolve disputes as quickly and cheaply as possible. We are able to resolve most disputes without going to court.

Next steps

For further information please contact Carol Wakeford, Mike Scott or Miles Paffard.

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Property disputes
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Mike Scott
Property disputes
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Carol Wakeford
Property disputes
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Chambers UK - A Client's Guide to UK Solicitors

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