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Property insolvency

When a tenant or property owner is in financial difficulty those owed money may need urgent help, especially in a difficult market

What we do

If you have a tenant in financial trouble you face difficult choices, especially in a tough letting market. If you are a tenant in financial difficulty you will certainly need advice.

As a lender, an insolvency practitioner or an appointed LPA Receiver you will also need advice on your options.

Our role is to understand what is happening, and to set out your choices in a way that will help you to reach the best commercial decision. That requires a deep understanding of the law and practice of leases and insolvency.

And once your decision is made, we will almost certainly need to act on your behalf decisively and urgently.

Why Cripps Harries Hall?

We have one of the largest property teams outside a major city. We act for owners of shopping centres and other large portfolios, so often encounter the problems that arise when tenants are in difficulty.  We also act for insolvency practitioners and LPA Receivers in relation to property issues. 

We have the practical experience to advise you, and sufficient size to react quickly.

Next steps

For further information please contact Mike Scott or Miles Paffard. 

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+ Cripps Harries Hall and Vertex Law to merge
Two of Kent’s best-known law firms – Vertex Law and Cripps Harries Hall – have announced that they will be merging at the end of September 2013.
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+ How to end a business lease
How leases of business premises may be brought to an end depends on a number of factors. Who wants to end it; whether the lease is coming to a natural end or whether it is to be terminated early; whether the tenant is in breach, and whether the lease is a true business lease afforded the protection of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.
+ Judicial review changes could be harmful
Partner Jason Towell comments

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Property insolvency
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